Hakachi Ladder Safety

This step ladder conducts electricty. Safety first, read carefully.

hakachi ladder



1. Inspect upon receipt and before each use, never climb a damaged, bent or broken step ladder. All working parts must be in good working order.

2. Make sure all rivets and joints, nuts and bolts are tight; feet, steps and rungs secure.

3. Never make temporary repairs of damaged or missing parts.


1. DANGER ! METAL CONDUCTS ELECTRICITY! Do not let any part of the step ladder come into contact with any live electrical wires.

2. Make sure step ladder is fully open spreaders secure.

3. Place on firm surface and a secure footing.


1. DO NOT USE STEP LADDER if you tire easily, are subject to fainting spells, are using medicine or alcohol or are physically impaired.

2. To protect children, do not leave step ladder set-up and unattended.

3. Face step ladder when climbing up or down; keep body centered between side rails.

4. Do not over reach; move step ladder when needed.

5. Do not “walk” or “jog” step ladder when standing on it.

6. Do not overload. Step ladder are meant for one person. Do not use as brace, platform or plank.

7. Keep step ladder close to work; avoid pushing and pulling off to the side of step ladder.


1.       Clean step ladder surface only with soapy water. Make sure ladder is dry before use.

2.       Do not use products that degrade the material such as acetone and trichloroethylene.

Maximum Load

Capacity – 100 kg

Hakachi Ladder Safety


- Never use on soft or sloping ground. Ensure firm and level

- Always have both feet on ladder. Wear slip-resistant shoes.

- Avoid overreaching. You risk losing your balance.

- Keep a secure grip when climbing up and down ladder.

- Never stand on top rails of stepladder or on top of swing back steps.

- Check for hazards at top. Avoid electrical hazards.

- Always use the stepladder facing your work.

- Always ensure platform is locked in position before use and release before closing.